BoardEffect names Todd Gibby Chief Executive Officer

Today BoardEffect announced my having recently joined the company in the role of CEO. My first few weeks at BoardEffect have been very energizing; and I couldn’t be more delighted to be part of this evolving organization.

Today also marks another first for me at BoardEffect: my inaugural post to the BoardEffect blog: “Governance for Good.” (And it definitely won’t be my last!) Admittedly, this one is a pretty short post, but I consider it an important milestone. Here’s why:

  1. From my first day here, it has become instantly clear to me that taking an active role in being a thought-partner for eGovernance is a major focus and treasured value of BoardEffect. Our solution is comprised of so much more than the code within our Software-as-a-Service board portal. We view an open dialogue and exchanging of ideas to be immensely valuable to us and to our community.  Our blog is one channel for that engagement; and I am eager to become an active participant.
  2. Related to this first point, there is a common thread that runs through BoardEffect staff— our team has history with non-profits and mission-focused organizations. From serving on boards in management capacities to volunteering our time to being employed as staff members, the vast majority of our team has a a breadth and depth of experiences working with non-profit organizations. Our team firmly believes that good governance supports great organizations. We also believe that well-governed organizations ultimately lead to a better world. This mindset has led to the BoardEffect team proudly referring to itself as a bunch of “eGovernance Geeks.”  My background is in education technology, so I can’t yet legitimately claim full-fledged geek-dom.  But, I certainly aspire to that status, and I view this forum as one of the valuable means to quickly climb-up that learning curve.
  3. Our solutions are driven by the needs of our client community.  The better we understand our customers’ objectives and challenges, the more agile and accurate we will be in delivering solutions that help them achieve their goals.  In that regard, social tools such as this blog are one great way for us to actively engage in a meaningful dialogue.  That ongoing discussion helps clarify our understanding of market needs and materially influences our strategy in ways that benefit us all.

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eGovernance for Good

Welcome to BoardEffect‘s eGovernance for Good blog where our eGovernance geeks share their thoughts about the evolving field of eGovernance. We want to help you help your board function at a higher level. Our organization is founded on the idea that more informed boards make more informed decisions which lead to better governing of the organization, allowing them to engage in mindful governance. (It’s all going to come together, I promise.) We are seriously excited to have you here and we hope you will come back often. If you like what we’re saying, share it with your friends. We’re passionate about what we do and we hope it shows.

We believe that eGovernance is a tool that helps strengthen the leadership capacity of boards and allows them make more informed decisions by leveraging and maximizing the efficient use of technology that puts the board materials at their fingertips, wherever they may be. The boards we work with range from small arts nonprofits to gigantic hospital associations to retirement communities to international banks. Our team of 14 serves more than 950 organizations, more 2,200 boards and 62,000 board members in over 10 languages worldwide. Although our client base traverses many different sectors of the nonprofit and for-profit world, they all have one thing in common; they are using eGovernance for Good.

Where does the phrase eGovernance for Good come from and what does it mean? We would be asking that too if we were reading this blog. eGovernance for good is a triple entendre we came up with that we feel accurately describes what BoardEffect is all about. We specialize in eGovernance for volunteer leadership and mission driven organizations who do good for the community. We believe in good governance with active and engaged boards of directors who engage at a higher level while doing good for the environment by saving paper and being green. We know that eGovernance is not just a fad; it’s here for good.

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